Why being in love is so much work

Some people are of the opinion that maintaining relationships can be tough and tasking. It has been noticed that there are some who enjoy good relationship, where other person tends to fit their life very neat as puzzle piece. They hardly notice any kind of argument or debate with one another and spend their time in a blissful manner. However, at one point of time they realize that their relationship is simply not working. In the end, either of them gets bored and do not find any passion or spark. There are also people who get into relationship and end up in regular fights after some point of time. It could be that both did not agree to one another, or saw eye to eye. Even they did not have similar humor sense or understood what was wrong or right. They constantly were at one another’s throat, trying to tear the relationship apart.


Why being in love is so much work?

There have been instances when celebrities in public have stated that their marriage was more of a hard work, however, worth it regularly. Relationships for many could prove to be hard work. Sometimes they compromise, but other times, would want to have the other person slapped. This could be quite unnatural. If they were told by the society that the person had to live with his best friend in a single bedroom forever, then the question that might arise, ‘is the friend liked that much?’ it can really be a breeding ground for argument.

Some people are of the opinion that fighting sometime is good, especially with someone. It does mean that the individual is communicating. It also means that the person is working constantly on the relationship, trying to work out with the problems. However, fighting all the time can be really tiring and the very thought of having to rebuild the relationship once again can sound to be a real damper.

Things to consider

There are several questions that are commonly put up by the average individual.

  • How hard should the individual be working at the relationship?
  • Should he feel stressed and tired all the time?
  • Is it necessary for the person to constantly make concessions and worrying?
  • Does the relationship have to be plenty of work?
  • If so, then what should be the correct amount of work?

The risk involved is that when there is completely no work, it can mean that other person has no ‘value’ for the individual. The person can be asked like how many TV shows or movies that they had spent together without any heated argument. It is actually this struggle, which does bring both much closer to one another. It is depicted as overcoming adversity and to be communicating, which makes relationship quite deeper, long lasting and stronger. It is proven that people in long term marriages and relationship are drawn closer after only going through everything.

Balancing life

However, on flip side, relationship should also be filled with fun. The person is to feel happiness and maddening joy around the person that he his selecting to become his life partner. There are plenty of things to be done when together and to have immense fun and enjoyment. Life has to be balanced in a manner so that the person does not have to work anymore on something, which might make him miserable often than it makes him happy. It is necessary to measure the cons and pros and to decide if it is really worth to dedicate plenty of time to this relationship. Obviously, no one would like to be with a person, who would create fun out of him or make him awful or small. If the person is crying more than being stressed out or smiling, then it could be that he might have unfixable issue at hand. At the same time, the individual also could require someone to challenge him and to make him think, and to fight for their own opinions. No one would like to be a dead fish. However, this does not mean that both have to be wasting ample time just arguing, where it will go nowhere.

In case, the individual really views a future with the partner, then it becomes essential to respect the other person’s opinions and differences. Also, it would be important to be willing for talking them out, so that everyone does feel okay and good and the entire atmosphere becomes cozy and warm.