You wish to take up Yoga but are feeling nervous because you don’t know anything much about it. Then, don’t worry about it. Most of the people does not know about the ABC of yoga and thus, start from scratch only. And, on top of you might get worried about what the Yoga instructor might tell you. Don’t be intimidated by the Yoga instructor. He or she is there for guiding you and will want you to achieve the results as quickly as possible.


Why does the Yoga instructor intimidate you?

  • When you see the Yoga instructor doing those tough poses and complicated postures, you might be wondering if you will ever be able to do that. Well, to tell you the truth, you will definitely not be able to do all that initially. But, with time and practice, you would be able to do most of the poses easily.
  • Some people think that Yoga actually adds up to their stress levels. And, that is because they get stressed because they are not able to do some poses.
  • Some people have emotional and psychological problems other than the physical ones.
  • Also, a lot of people think that they have problems in even touching their toes and how will they be able to do tough poses. With little more flexibility in our bodies, we would be able to do a lot many things.
  • People also think that they will look like stupid if they are not able to do some asanas. Well, everybody in the class has come for learning only and nobody will find you stupid.

You need to realize that the Yoga instructor too would have started from scratch sometime. And, over a period of time, he or she would have mastered these poses. And, when you try out these various poses, you would be focusing on them and feel the stress getting melted off. The change will happen from inside and you will feel that your body is following the course. Even when we go to the gym, we might feel a difference in our body shape but the important problems are not dealt with. The stress, insecurities and the worries that are there will still remain.

When you start doing Yoga, you will start feeling good. Also, once you start with it, your body will get the flexibility and you will be able to do most of the poses. You will get relief from pain and will find inner peace. Do you know that almost all the bodies can do the Yoga? Just enroll yourself in a Yoga class and step on to the mat and start practicing. Do not be intimidated by the Yoga instructor. If he or she is strict with you, it is only for your good. But, if he or she is being too unreasonable, change the Yoga class or teacher. The teacher has to be a little compassionate too and understand your limitations. They can’t push you beyond your limits.