Cosmetics products are always appealing to women. Women make use of almost everything to look pretty and spectacular. However, have you ever considered the ingredients the cosmetic products consist of? It can do more harm than good and no cosmetic counter will ever disclose that. For that beautiful and graceful look, women make use of any cosmetic product and therefore, the natural beauty doesn’t last for a long time. There are about 18 secrets which are disclosed below about the cosmetic products and it will help you to make a wise choice, the next time you think of using cosmetics.
Some terrifying truths:

  • As per the Environmental Working Group of 89, there are about 10,500 ingredients used in personal care products like, concealer, foundation, moisturizer, skin primer, blush, makeup powders, eyeliners, eyebrow powder, etc. These ingredients are not tested or evaluated for safety by FDA.
  • Most of the cosmetics contain carcinogens, chemicals, toxins, etc. That can result in number of health risks as US Federal Government do not need to perform any health studies or pre market testing on the products.
  • The unhealthiest truth is, about sixty percent of the cosmetics which one puts on the skin is absorbed by the bloodstream.
  • Many cosmetics contain carcinogens, reproductive toxins and other chemicals that may pose health risks.
  • Lipstick contains aluminum which can cause long term anemia and glucose intolerance.

Harmful cosmetics and their side effects:

  • Cosmetic can cause danger to reproductive organs.
  • Ageing is one of the common problems. It’s because of excessive use of cosmetics that damages your skin and make you look older than time.
  • Cancer and other chronic diseases can occur.
  • Nail paints, manicure and pedicure seems to be very hygienic but they actually damage nails.
  • One can face allergies, rashes and sometimes bad skin reactions.

Dangers caused by beauty products:

  • Tanning beds: Those who go for tanning beds, actually raise the risk of melanoma. It is a deadly skin cancer and tanning beds also emits UVA rays that results in brown spots, wrinkles and premature aging. It is also said that tanned skin is dead skin.
  • Sunless tanning lotions: The lotion contains DHA that reacts with the amino acids on the skin surface and it causes a temporary tan. Thus, sunscreen is vital to be used even if one is using sunless tan.
  • Contact lenses: Colored or patterned lenses which are just worn for fashion can cause eye injuries and result in vision loss as well. The reason being, these need to be prescribed by the doctor and proper care is necessary for it. Else, it can be harmful for eyes.
  • Hair dye: Hair dye can cause leukemia or lymphoma and it poses a threat during pregnancy as well. There is no evidence at such, but women are at a slight risk of getting these diseases and therefore during, pregnancy they are just asked to be extra cautious while using these products.

Few preservatives:

There is even an ugly side to the beauty products. Things that one thinks that are helping them to look gorgeous and beautiful can in fact ruin their skin in the long run. The ingredients used in the cosmetic products are actually the industrial chemicals that include pesticides, carcinogens, hormone disruptors and reproductive. Many of the products adds plasticizers (to keep the product concrete soft) degreasers (is used to get grime off auto parts) and surfactants (they are used to reduce surface tension in water, like in inks and paints) so one can imagine what does it do to any skin. The chemicals and preservatives found in the cosmetic products can be very harmful. Some of these are.

  • Parabens: It is found in makeup products, moisturizers, cosmetics, etc. The amount of this chemical in cosmetics can cause cancer.
  • Phthalates: It makes the product more pliable and one can find it in food, toys, nail polish, soaps, etc. The exposure to Phthalates during pregnancy can cause abnormal fetal development.

There are many other chemicals as well which can be harmful for the skin and therefore many choose to go for mineral make up. However, mineral makeup also contains irritating filters and preservatives. It also contains allergens which may not suit sensitive skin. It can be used over a sunscreen, but one must choose a strong sunscreen. SPF 30 or higher in a sunscreen is suitable. With a few benefits, cosmetics also bring danger. The list of toxic additives present in most of the cosmetics is huge. It’s like one is applying poison on their skin on daily basis.